5 Ways to Connect Your House of Worship to Your Congregation

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A modern house of worship is more than just a weekly service. It’s a community, with a dynamic and ever-changing membership that craves authenticity and connection. Congregations can be near and far, young or old and everywhere in between. Reaching them where they are is key.  That’s why many houses of worship are transforming the way they involve their communities. Technology allows opportunities for digital engagement that can connect worshippers and widen the reach of your message.    At Digital Joy we work with many houses of worship and have noticed some key ways that they are involving their audiences. In this article, we share 5 key insights on how to modernize your house of worship and better engage your congregation.

1. Live streaming

Live streaming your service is one of the best ways to reach your current members where they are, near and far, while also attracting new members. Live streaming allows new viewers to see what your service is like before they walk in the door, making it much more accessible and less daunting. Also, current members enjoy the convenience of receiving your message at home in case of illness or travel.  COVID and the proliferation of remote working has spread people to different areas, allowing congregants to watch the service wherever they are, allowing them to stay connected.    With a small equipment investment and a dedicated channel, you can live stream your services and reach people where they are – keeping communities connected.  

2. Interactivity

Making your services more interactive is a way to allow your congregants to feel connected. Give them a voice.  Keep them engaged.  Maybe it’s voting on church issues, or creating trivia games to help make your service or youth groups feel fun and maybe add a little competitiveness. With the right software program and a little tech know-how, making things more interactive is a great way to connect.

3. Audio & Visual 

Many houses of worship use technology or screens to show announcements, produce podcasts, or connect with Bible apps during services. This does require investment, but a good audio and visual presence can take your service to the next level in terms of connectivity.   Music is another big part of modern services, so having a great audio system is a must as well. Worship services can range from traditional piano/organ with voices, to contemporary music at rock concert levels. Many technologies exist today that allow you to share the power of audio and visual with the whole room.

4. Strong Online Presence

In order to get more attendees to your service, you need to be able to be found online! A robust digital presence for your church is vital to connecting with new and current audiences. At the minimum, your house of worship should have: 
  • A responsive website designed with mobile in mind
  • A social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 
  • An email newsletter, text list etc. 
  • YouTube/Vimeo channel or other streaming service

5. Q&A

Sometimes a good way to connect with your audience is to let them get to know church leadership. A Q&A session can be a powerful way for a congregation to ask questions and get answers about things they want to know about when it comes to your house of worship. Have your audience members send in their burning questions and then have responses prepared to answer live, in a video, or in a post on your website or find a product that allows for live Q&A questions to accompany your live stream. Either way, Q&A is a great way to let your congregants feel more in touch with you and your house of worship.    _______________________________________ I hope these 5 tips for connecting with your congregation were helpful! Digital Joy Engage and Digital Joy Events can help your house of worship interact with your congregation. Learn more here. 

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