Interactive Polling Technology
for Next-Level Audience Participation

Involve your audience effortlessly with polling, quizzes, trivia and moreVote on your mobile device, desktop or via SMSAll with real-time results that automatically appear on your device, your presentation screen, or live on air.

Live polling overview

With instant audience responses, you can add a personal touch to your presentation and easily navigate questions or concerns as they come up.

Digital Joy makes it easy to:

We used Digital Joy Engage to poll the audience of our small business pitch competition, InnoVentures, to vote on which entrepreneurs’ business pitch was strongest. This voting element makes our event more fun, giving each audience member a “seat” at the judges’ table. Digital Joy Engage was very easy to use and customize. We love using this tool each year!

Erica S

Ignite your Audience with Digital Joy Engage!

Bring polling data to life with Digital Joy

Use Digital Joy Engage! is easy!

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Build live polls on the fly

We work hard to keep it simple. Create your engagements ahead of time or craft them as you go in a matter of moments.

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Send polls through SMS/Text

No internet, no problem. Get information from a large audience through text polling. You can whitelist to limit participation to only pre-approved individuals, so you get valid result.
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Create a Q&A session easily

Host live Q&A sessions to give your audience a chance to ask questions. Enjoy control over the questions being asked; approve good questions, highlight popular ones, and nix inappropriate ones.

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Make it easy to vote with QR codes

QR codes make it quick and easy for your audience to participate. They can scan a code on their phone and vode within seconds.

Interactive survey submission

We streamline the polling process to save you valuable time: Digital Joy Engage combines SMS and web polling in one convenient spot. Your audience can respond by SMS and/or online. Then, the system collects answers and broadcasts them to any connected screen in real-time. Your account stores all the feedback and audience questions collected during questions, votes, or surveys.

More features

Design custom poll pages to match your brand image

Upload your branded graphics and customize all of the elements. Monetize your engagements by adding sponsorship graphics and messaging.

Engage your audience in live broadcasts using Producer Mode

Engage your audience like never before by inviting their real-time feedback and transforming them into active contributors to your program’s content stream. With Producer Mode, you can easily add on-air opinion polls to your broadcast, boosting your viewership and monetizing your content.

Embed and engagement on your website

Generate and embed code that you can place within your website or any content management system.

Secure sentive polls through whitelisting

Create and maintain a “whitelist” of approved users so you only reach your intended target. Great for business meetings or sentive info.

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