Video Broadcasting & Audience Interaction Software for Houses of Worship

Bring your congregation together with Digital Joy: the presentation software designed to make worship more accessible and interactive.

Digital Joy Engage is not just for fun and games. It has helped us facilitate our AGM elections and votes for our in-person and online audience. The customer support is friendly and responsive. The Digital Joy development team expertly incorporates user feedback into additional functionality while continuing to make their products more intuitive. Any organization in the non-for-profit sector will benefit with these tools.

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Empower your congregation to connect with each other and with your message

Create a more connected and interactive experience

Digital Joy’s audience interaction software allows houses of worship to create a more connected and interactive experience for their congregations.

Digital presentation tools for in-person or virtual congregations

Present to your virtual or in-person congregation, display information or questions on a screen and allow congregation members to respond using their phones or tablets. This allows for a more interactive and engaging experience for all and helps to keep everyone engaged with the message.

Use Digital Joy to…

Keep everyone engaged during services

Increase interaction and engagement among congregation members

Helps to keep track of who is participating and responding to questions or messages

Provide a more interactive experience for all in attendance

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