Company Benefits Surveys: Tips and Questions

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If you were asked what your employees valued most and how they feel about their role at your company would you know the true, honest answer? What about how they feel when it comes to your benefits program? If you’re feeling unsure of your answer to those questions you don’t need to worry! It’s almost impossible to know exactly what your employees are thinking without company benefits surveys.

Why Run Company Benefits Surveys?

The benefits package you offer to your employees can be a great way to retain employees and attract new ones. The quality of the talent you attract can largely depend on how valuable that package is to employees.

Company benefits surveys allow you to gain valuable insights around how your employees feel about the benefits you’re providing to them. If they come back with positive feedback, then you can keep doing what you’re doing. Should they have negative feedback however, it could be time to make some changes.

Doing so can mean better retention, attention, and overall employee satisfaction. The simple action of sending out a survey alone helps employees to feel that their opinions are valued. It shows you truly care.

What to Ask in Company Benefits Surveys

The bottom line for conducting company benefits surveys is to get actionable insights. You’re not just looking to collect feedback just to collect feedback. You want to ask questions that will help to get detailed responses and evoke change within the company.

A survey conducted correctly will help you to get to the foundation of where problems and dissatisfaction may come from. This helps you to become better as a whole in the long run. So rather than just knowing something is a problem, you can understand what can be done to solve that problem.

It will be important to get specific when it comes to questions around benefits. Be clear on what it is that is currently offered and how it can be used to the employee’s benefit. The better they understand the benefits they’re being offered the better they will be able to answer questions on them.

Types of Questions to Ask

How you phrase your questions will be essential to your success at the end of the day. You should avoid any irrelevant questions where possible in order to keep things concise and on topic. It’s also important to keep your questions short so participants don’t get confused – make it easy for them to answer!

Adding in some open-ended questions is also a great idea for your company benefits surveys. They allow for employees to share their honest opinions which can be a lot more valuable than other types of questions with simpler answers.

To help you get started, we put together two different types of questions with examples for each.

Scales questions

This type of question is best for gathering data. You can get an average result and can therefore chart your responses to see where variance may lie.

Label your scale questions with anything from a scale of 1-10 to a more detailed scale with strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree. The choice is yours! Just remember to be intentional with your choice of scale. Here are some examples of scales questions to help you get started.

  • How would rate our sick leave policy?
  • You understand the pension program
  • You understand each of the benefits we offer
  • How would you rate our flexible work policy?
  • Gaining access to use my benefits is a simple and easy process
  • What I expect from the benefits from a company is currently being matched
  • How often have you used your health insurance?

Open-ended questions

Sometimes scales questions aren’t going to give you quite what you need in terms of detail when it comes to your survey. That’s where open-ended questions can help as they provide more detailed answers.

Rather than simply asking “are you satisfied” you get to dig in deeper as to why someone may or may not be satisfied. Here’s some examples!

  • Do you currently have any concerns about our benefits package?
  • Is there any specific benefit you would like to see added to the package?
  • How would you compare our benefits with those at other companies you have worked with?
  • Is there anything about the benefits package you are unclear on?
  • What elements of our work from home policy do you like or dislike?

Get Serious About Making Improvements

Once you know more about your employees and what they think when it comes to your company benefits program, it’s time to use that information to make improvements. Look at your employee responses, whether that be through data or more detailed answers, and see where your inefficiencies lie.

Should you need a survey tool to help you, Digital Joy is here to help! Our online polls are fast and flexible and help you to understand your audience. Ready to get started?

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