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Storytelling is part of what makes us human

From films to TV shows to commercials to shorts – stories come to life on the big and now tiny screen with video. I saw just how powerful storytelling could be during my 14 years at WWE—watching the emotions of the WWE fans when something dramatic happens to their favorite or least favorite talent. Even my young nieces got into it. I saw families from 6 to 60 years old at live events, cheering together, clapping, booing, and stomping their feet for the heroes they love.  
But the talent was built through their stories. 
WWE is a Tier 1 company with resources and budgets that allow them to tell big stories using expensive and expert resources. Editors that went to film school with years of in the field experience. Audio engineers received degrees from top universities honing their dedicated years to the craft. Professional hosts who’ve built their global reputation and showmanship match after match. 


But what about everyone else?

How do they tell their stories without the big budgets and resources that a WWE-type company can bring to bear?
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy at WWE to create the ongoing, rich content experience that you see on TV or your streaming device, but how do local teachers, regional ministers, heads of new companies, and small TV stations get their stories out, support and build engaging communities without the resources that large organization like the WWE had? 
The vendors that are catering to the Tier 1 media companies don’t have the solutions for media creators that don’t have dozens if not hundreds of dedicated resources to produce and manage it.   And most of the time, their pricing is out of reach for this group. So, what do they do? 
They cobble together workflows and different media solutions to make the best of it with complex, disparate systems.

Enter Digital Joy 

A cloud-native vision that delivers the complexity of video creation and distribution in a user-friendly, intuitive interface, minimal resources needed solution built and focused on meeting the needs of Tier 2 and 3 markets.  Educational institutions, corporations, houses of worship, local broadcasters, and more need a way to collaborate remotely, create, localize, distribute and squeeze every ounce of value out of their content. 
Black Dragon Capital provides the investment and support of this initiative through their Dragon Accelerator. Led by Louis Hernandez, Jr., whom I have known for many years, BDC is a high-performing private equity firm with an over $900 million enterprise value.  But that’s not why I thought it would be a good fit. 
I started working for BDC as a media-tech advisor about a year and a half ago.  The work appealed to me, but what kept me there was Louis’ emphasis on diversity and inclusion in their companies and his focus on community and developing young leaders through his For a Bright Future Foundation.  I had known Louis for years, but I began to learn working for him that our values and focus aligned on many different levels, so when he asked me to help on this important initiative and lead the company, I jumped at the opportunity.  I’m excited about the incredible journey ahead, the media innovations we’ll bring to this welcoming market, and to see our customers grow, thrive, and tell their stories.
The future of video and media platforms is open, collaborative, and focused on storytelling and engaging with your community.

Digital Joy

Everyone has a Story

What’s Yours?  

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