With Digital Joy Engage you can create:

  • Multiple-choice polls
  • Open-ended questions
  • Word cloud polls

Multiple-choice polls

Best when you have a predefined set of response options and you want participants to choose from the list.

WEB polls allow your audience to access a web polling widget by visiting digitaljoyengage.com and typing your event code.

They will then see the question and the options and will be able to vote by tapping on one of the options. After voting, the user will be shown the poll results updated in real-time.

An example of a WEB widget:

An example of an SMS vote

You can also create surveys with Digital Joy.

Open-ended questions

This is best when you want participants to provide feedback, share ideas and opinions, and ask questions. It’s also used for competitions, nominations, etc.

An open-ended question does not have predefined options, and the audience can send whatever they want in a text message or on the web.

To respond, they simply need to send a text to your account’s phone number or respond on the web by typing the event code on digitaljoyengage.com

The presenter will see all of the responses in a list in their account, as well as in the presentation mode.

​​Word clouds

These are ideal for presenters who want to highlight popular feedback and short open-ended answers.

Word clouds are a hybrid of multiple-choice polls and open-ended questions.

Your audience submits responses in an open-ended format that appear on the screen as discrete words. The more of the same responses are submitted, the bigger that word becomes visually showing that it is more popular than its counterparts.