How Live Polls Benefit Small Businesses

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Small businesses are no stranger to competition. There always seems to be another team or another person who is trying to do what you’re doing and doing a great job of it. That means it’s essential to do whatever you can to stay ahead of the competition and get to know your customers…including using live polls!

That’s right—one of the best things you can do as a small business is use live polls to collect information from your audience. Live polls are a quick and easy way to get an understanding of what they’re thinking and what you can do to rise above the competition.

5 Benefits of Live Polls

If you’re not feeling entirely convinced that live polls are the best way to collect data, we’re here to provide you with the many benefits they offer! It’s important that all small businesses are aware of what live polls have to offer so they can take advantage of getting to know what their customers think.

Check out these five ways that feedback collected from live polls can help your small business.

Adjustments to customer charges

Without getting your finger on the pulse of what customers are willing to pay, you could be missing out on a lot more sales than you think! If you’re charging significantly more than your competition and customers don’t see a reason to warrant the higher cost, then it’s likely they’re going to choose another company.

Maybe others are also doing things like offering discounts while you’re charging full price. This could mean it’s time for you to look at what unique things you have to offer to your customers in order to get ahead. You want to charge your customers a fair price while also ensuring your business remains profitable.

Improvements to products or services

One of the best things about live polls is that you get insight into exactly what your customers are thinking. That includes their opinions on your products and services and each of the details surrounding them.

Forget allowing your competition to make adjustments to their product or service that take them to a whole new level. Use live polls to get real responses from the people who use them and be proactive in listening and making changes.

Don’t be shy with asking straight up what you can do to improve. Honesty is always appreciated!

Getting to know your customer best

Live polls are about as close as you can get to sitting down and having a candid conversation with each and every one of your customers and potential customers. As you learn what they think through live polls you slowly get to know your audience better and better.

You can also use live polls to get an idea of the demographics of your customers. Whether it’s their interests, age, location, or gender, you can use this information to get to know them and make decisions based on their preferences.

Live polls help you come up with new products or services

It’s true! They can help you to plan for the future in a big way. Especially as you try to grow your small business into a bigger one!

Customers and potential customers are great for coming up with new ideas based on what they want to see in terms of new products and services from your business. It’s up to you to ask the right questions in your live polls so you can solicit answers that can inspire you.

The more you know about customer interests, the better you can plan for bigger and better things down the line.

Better marketing

These days the best way to reach your customers and help them learn about your business is through marketing. But what medium is the best to do so?

You can ask your audience how they came to know about your business and use that information to help determine where you spend your marketing budget. If it was through social media, then you might spend more time growing your channels organically or spending your budget on paid social advertisements.

If they found your website on Google, then this is a good indication you should keep up with your current SEO plan.

Reap the Benefits of Live Polls

There’s no denying that live polls are the way to go if you want to stay competitive in whatever market you may be in. The good news is they’re easier than ever to develop with Digital Joy Engage!

You can get live results in real-time and even customize your poll pages to match your small business’s brand image. Our live polls are great for the fast pace that often goes along with small businesses as you can create them on the fly and collect instant feedback.

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