Quick Team Building Activities

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If your team isn’t getting along or working well together, it’s hard for anything else to run smoothly in your organization. Instead, your team members can find themselves caught up in relationship dynamics, focusing on things other than the task at hand, or just altogether inefficient. On the other hand, a cohesive, bonded team that works well together is nothing short of powerful! It’s like Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” So, with that in mind let’s talk more about some quick team building activities to get everyone on the same page. 

Quick Team Building Activities

Team building is an incredibly effective tool, but it can be tough to schedule when it feels like there’s too much else to focus on. Luckily, there are several quick team building activities that can be done in only a few minutes. Let’s get into them!

Two truths and a lie

Polling software (including Digital Joy Engage) makes this first quick team building activity incredibly easy to conduct. To try it, simply have one team member write down two truths about themselves along with one life. Then, share these three statements with the rest of the team and have everyone vote on the option that’s a lie. 

This tactic is particularly useful because it gives your team members the opportunity to learn more about one another on a personal level. From there, they can begin to realize how much they have in common and this is also a prime opportunity for creating stronger bonds. 

Don’t drop the balloon

Getting a group of people to participate in a physical activity together is a helpful way to engage them and it also promotes team building.

For this activity, divide your team into groups of two or three, depending on how many people are on your team. Then, have each group blow up three times the amount of balloons as there are people in the group. For example, a group of three people will blow up a total of nine balloons. Then, when the activity starts, each team needs to keep all of their balloons in the air for as long as possible. The last team to have a balloon in the air, wins!

This activity helps get everyone out of their shells, re-energizes them, and incorporates movement which is always a welcome break from the day to day office life.

So, whenever possible, if your quick team building activities can involve movement, you’ll notice how beneficial it can be to your overall team building efforts. (Bonus points if you play the balloon game outside!)

Show and tell

Ready for a trip back to elementary school? Except in this case, you’re conducting show and tell with your team and using it as a team building activity! The great thing about this activity is that everyone has something they can either show or talk about. Additionally, it’s quick to do. 

For example, you can assign each team member a specific day when they will show or tell about something for five minutes. Maybe Jim brings in his autographed poster of his favorite athlete. Or perhaps Jenny brings in her violin and plays a quick tune for the team. 

Show and tell works as a team building activity because it strengthens or creates bonds between team members and helps them relate to one another on a more human level, rather than just as coworkers. 

Trivia games

Team building activities that are fun are a lot more likely to have the positive effects you’re hoping for. And when it comes to fun, what’s better than a live trivia game with your team?! You can use quizzing and gamification software to quickly create a trivia game to share with your team. Then, you can have everyone compete on their phones or computers. 

There are all kinds of trivia topics to choose from, but try to keep things light and fun. General knowledge trivia is always a great place to start. Sports and pop culture trivia or even workplace trivia are some other good options. 

Guess the baby

And for our last of these team building activities we have “guess the baby.” This is another quick option that doesn’t require much effort. Simply have each team member bring in a baby photo of themselves. Then, have all of the team members guess which baby is who. Whoever gets the most answers right, wins!

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