Strategies for Building Team Spirit

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If you’re a business owner, manager, or team leader of any sort then you know your team is your best asset. It only makes sense then that you ensure they’re consistently happy and that team spirit is at an ultimate high.

When your team feels excited and invested in reaching a common goal, it’s likely that team spirit has been made a priority. So, what can you as a leader do to ensure your team forms a bond and therefore performs better in the workplace?

We’ve got you covered with these tips!

Hire the Right People in the First Place

In order for team spirit to work its magic you first need to have a great team in place. In fact, team spirit is going to be a lot harder to achieve if your team can’t perform or doesn’t mesh well.

Be diligent with the recruiting process. Ask interview questions that will help you to get an idea of their attitude towards being a team player. Will they bring the right energy to the team? Will they be able to adapt to those who are already a part of it?

In some cases, a “culture” interview can be just as important as a skills interview. The more positive they seem when it comes to the idea of contributing to a work culture, the more likely they are to be on board with boosting team spirit.

Invest in Your Onboarding

After you’ve selected the right people it will be time to onboard them. And onboarding is an important process when it comes to developing team spirit. It’s how you can ensure new employees feel welcome and that they’ll be eased into their new environment to be happy in their position long term.

Think about what will make for a thorough onboarding process and how employees will transition into their new role based on how they experience their first days with your team. You want them to feel engaged early on. You also want them to feel team spirit as they become integrated with the team.

Be Open with Positive Feedback

Sharing positive feedback is something that should be a part of your weekly routine. When employees hear about the accomplishments of others and receive praise for their own, they’re bound to feel strength within your team.

Find a public way to share positive news and promote communication between your team. Whether it’s by sending out an email or sending a message through online chat, promoting the positives can do wonders for boosting team spirit. Employees will feel unified in celebrating one another and will continue to work productively towards their common goals.

Host Workshops to Help Unite Your Team

Workshops allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Not only does your team get to learn new skills, they share the learning experience with one another which ultimately helps to boost team spirit.

If you plan on hosting a workshop, think of what will keep it fun and engaging. The more energy you bring to the workshop the more likely team members are going to want to participate.

You should also do your best to promote sharing and active listening. Employees will feel empowered by sharing their opinions and being heard by others.

Host Social Events to Build Team Spirit

You probably have ongoing meetings with your team, but what about time for socialization and connection? Setting time aside that’s distinctly for building connections and getting to know one another is a sure way to instill team spirit.

Social events don’t need to just be at the end of the year and they don’t always need to be in person either! You can get your team together virtually and try doing something fun like a quiz, poll, or Q&A. The more opportunities your team has to connect, the better off they’ll be as a whole.

Always Be Inclusive

Team spirit isn’t really team spirit unless everyone on the team is included. You can help individuals feel included by using language that everyone understands and is familiar with. Activities should also be inclusive so everyone feels comfortable when it comes to participating.

Not sure what inclusive means when it comes to your team? Try distributing an employee survey. This can help you to get an idea of how your employees are feeling and what is going to make them most comfortable.

Get the Best Tools for Improving Team Spirit

Instilling team spirit in the workplace isn’t always something that can happen overnight. The good news is it’s definitely made easier with the right tools on your side. Digital Joy offers tons of great features that can help take your meetings, social events, and daily communications to the next level.

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