Struggling to Manage a Large Team? Check Out these Tips

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So, you’re shifting from a small or midsize team to a larger one and are wondering where to start. What should I do differently? What tools do I need to help make it a success? How can I ensure my team stays efficient? Of course, these are normal questions to ask when it comes time to manage a large team.

Rather than struggling through the process of managing a large team until you eventually reach success or failure, it’s best to set yourself up by reading a few tips first. Having a bit of knowledge around how to manage a large team can make all the difference when it comes to having everything operate smoothly.

How to Manage a Large Team

We put together this list of our favorite tips to better manage a large team. You can use it as advice for making the transition or even use it to make adjustments to your current strategy. 

Implement Training and Upskilling

The great thing about having a large team is that it’s filled with so many different skills. Each team member will have their own strengths that can be used as training opportunities for other team members.

If certain team members have weaknesses in a certain area, it’s sure to be the strength of another. Employees can share and collaborate based on what they’re good at which ends up strengthening your team as a whole.

It will also be important to provide your team with training opportunities. This is where they can further develop their skills and become even better at their current positions.

Encourage Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Going off of the previous point, team member collaboration and knowledge sharing is something that should be continually encouraged. In fact, learning new things from colleagues can be one of the best ways to learn. It gives the opportunity to learn while working directly on a project.

As team members start to understand what their colleagues do each day, they also get a better understanding of what they can do to contribute more to the team themselves.

Encourage participation and even sharing opinions on different topics that are work related. Working towards a common goal is sure to bring your large team together and make for a better product at the end of the day.

Always Ensure Consistency Across the Board

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “consistency is key”, it’s definitely something you’re going to want to hold onto when it comes to managing a large team. Ensure that what you do for one part of your team is what you do for your entire team.

The more consistent you are, the better your processes and ways of doing things will be implemented across the board. Should things be different every time you communicate with different parts of your team it will be harder for them to come together as a whole.

Create a Team Culture

These days team culture is everything. Be sure to let your large team know their opinions are important and that what they do for your business is highly valued. Those on your team should enjoy the work they do and care about the people they work with.

A positive team culture can help to improve how each and every team member experiences working for you. It can help them to want to collaborate and communicate on a better level.

Not only that, they’ll believe in your company and what you’re doing which will help to motivate those around them as well. All for one and one for all!

Always Practice Good Communication

There’s nothing worse than feeling lost in a large team with little guidance. Or feeling like you’re just one of many without the chance to be a part of a conversation.

No opinion should ever go unheard and everyone should be given the opportunity to contribute to the team in one way or another. It can be a great idea to put together a forum or communal chat where your teams can go to communicate.

They should always feel comfortable with the chance to voice their opinions and be as transparent as they need to be.

A New Way to Work

If you follow these tips your large team is sure to be successful! It could even mean greater opportunity for learning and growing between team members.

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