Tips for Using Surveys at Different Customer Stages

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If you’ve ever been involved with the inner workings of a company’s marketing strategy then you probably know that customer stages play an important role in return. Similar to how you would create marketing campaigns for your audience in the various customer stages, customer surveys can be a great strategy to get to know your customer.

In order for customer surveys to be successful you need to entice customers to respond. That can be accomplished by creating a survey that will encourage them to click on it and participate in each question to the end.

An Overview of The Sales Funnel and Customer Stages

First things first is understanding the sales funnel. What are the different marketing stages where surveys can be used?

Awareness stage

In the awareness stage surveys can be used to get a feel for what customers might expect from your products or services. You can use this information to make improvements.

Consideration stage

In this stage you can figure out which factors are going to benefit your strategy and which ones may harm it.

Decision stage

Surveys can be helpful in this stage as they help to encourage potential customers to buy your product or service. You can see what competitors they are looking at and use that information to evaluate your own offerings.

Loyalty stage

Surveys are great for the loyalty stage as they give you an opportunity to follow up with customers on their experience with your business. You can then make improvements based on your findings.

How to Create the Best Surveys to Appeal to the Different Customer Stages

Now that you know how surveys can be used when it comes to the customer stages, you’re probably wondering how to create them! Here are some of our best tips for making surveys that work.

Keep things short

Sure, there’s likely lots you want to know, but keeping your customer survey short and simple will help to keep your participants engaged. Let customers know how long the survey will take ahead of time. The more they agree with the amount of time it will take the more likely they are to take your survey.

Offer a perk

Incentive is key when it comes to customer surveys. What will participants get in return for taking your survey? The more they like your offer the more they will want to participate in your survey.

Gather testimonials

What customers have to say about your business is of utmost importance. Surveys are a great way to better understand your customers’ perception of your products or services and what areas you might improve in.

Analyze your results

Too often businesses will collect data and feedback from customer services and not end up doing anything with it. Use the information you’ve collected to your advantage and make changes based on what you gather.

Types of Surveys

There are tons of different survey types you can use to accomplish your goals in each of the different customer stages. Here are some examples to help get you started!

Price survey

You can get a feel for what customers are paying for other products and services so you can properly price yours.

Market inquiry survey

This type of survey is great for getting to know the competition in the market of your business. You can weigh yours against others and get a better understanding of customer preferences and choices.

Customer satisfaction survey

Learn all about the experiences of your customers and how they have been satisfied or not with a product or service in the past.

Customer profiling survey

There are definitely customers that are going to be attracted to your business. You can get an understanding of what attracts them to it so you can keep those things up.

Tracking leads survey

Learn all about leads and adjust your current strategy so you can continue to grow.

Customer retention surveys

What makes your customers stay loyal to your business? Well, customer retention surveys can help you determine the certain factors that made a customer buy your product or service.

Expectations survey

Is your product or service fulfilling its purpose when it comes to your customers? Learn about customer expectations and whether or not they are happy with what your business has to offer.

Choose the Right Platform

Now that you’re a pro on creating surveys for the different customer stages, it’s time to get started! One of the best things you can do when developing your surveys is choose a platform that will help you to accomplish your goals.

Digital Joy is your trusted platform for creating and delivering online surveys and polls. Anonymity is one of the many incredible features our platform has to offer. Participants don’t need to reveal their identity which can encourage them to answer more honestly.

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